There are more techniques to writing than I would ever venture to mention. On these pages (when I am not rambling on about inconsequential nonsense) I will try and share some of the things that go on inside my head all the time and how I use them in my writing.

I am “retired” now. I am retired from raising a family and I am retired from working outside the home. Not working outside the home has its ins and outs. One out is no pay but I much prefer getting by on less and having more time with my husband and grandchildren. There were times during staff meetings of old when I had to be called back to reality because once I became bored my mind went immediately to the oddest most wonderful places.

Now when my mind wonders, I write it down, which is the “ins” of being retired from the work place. Today’s tip: Write it down. Keep tablets, cheap notebooks, whatever works for you all over the house, in your purse, in your backpack and write down those wonderful stories that come to mind when you find your mind wondering or when you are awakened from and incredible story in a dream.

Sometimes, many times, I have had a sentence go through my head over and over again. I sit down.  I write it down and a complete story comes from the one sentence. Write it down my friend, and if that which you have written does not turn into a story today, when you look back on it tomorrow that sentence just may become your next book.

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