Dear Aspiring Authors and Appreciators of True Literature:

Writing is not what I do; writing is an integral part of who I am. I have written poetry and short stories since my youth. Not only do I love to read and experience various forms of literature, but I love creating. I am my own witness to crimes committed only in my imagination, an onlooker to an unsolved mystery owning clues that only I have the authority to share, an eavesdropper to the heart crying out in brokenness unable to be comforted and I am exhilarated at my heroine’s grand fortune as I only am privy to her new-found insight.

I write to create an atmosphere of warmth, joy, evil, misfortune, gratitude and on and on goes the, sometimes tedious, procedure. But it is a task worth repeating because in the end, I discovered a small bit of myself I had not known before. I hope, perhaps, each manuscript will entice the reader to travel to places only I have subsisted before their arrival.

It is my wish that this website might help alleviate the void most amateur authors experience…an audience. Quality writing will be posted for the pleasure of the readers and for the gratification of the author. I am excited to offer such a service to any writer who has an irrepressible desire to be heard and a willingness to work hard to generate narrative in the form of true literature.


Elaine Mitchell,
Founder of Aspiring Authors

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